A step-by-step approachA Step by Step Approach for the Modern Guitar Player


Spread over 30 lessons and divided into 6 chapters, the book is unique in that it covers 4 years’ tuition, from beginners to advanced level. It consists of 224 full colour pages, and includes chord shapes, scale diagrams, progressions and rhythmic patterns, licks, warm ups, techniques, modes, applied theory and much more.

The aim of the book is to provide a simple and clear approach to the many areas that tend to be either perplexing or incomprehensible. Each lesson offers technically challenging exercises which one can listen to by scanning the QR code via a smart phone or tablet, thus eliminating the need of having a PC nearby. All examples are written in diagrams or TABs, making them easier to follow even for someone who has never studied music before.

Marc has been teaching guitar for around 13 years and has been writing and documenting original lessons for 10 years. This inspired him to publish his syllabus in a step-by-step guide for guitar players who want to learn and improve using a practical and effective method.

Marc felt lucky that when he first approached Book Distributors Ltd (BDL) about his idea it was welcomed with enthusiasm. “No such book has ever been published on the islands and therefore I feel proud to say that this is an absolute first”

The book took roughly nine months to be completed: from recording of audio examples, research, proofing and editing to the final stages of layout, design and printing. 

A Step by Step Approach for the Modern Guitar Player was reviewed by top UK educators and renowned musicians Tony Skinner (RGT Director), Phil Hilborne and John Wheatcroft (Tech schools).

The book can be purchased from the leading stationeries and book shops as well as online from