Marc Galea is a qualified guitar tutor from the RGT, with twelve years teaching experience. He achieved an LLCM TD in guitar teaching and FLCM diploma in performance. He just published his first guitar method book titled A Step by Step approach for a Modern Guitar Player.

The RGT holds among its patrons Sir Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Ron Wood, John Etheridge and Hank Marvin. In 2008 and 2009 Marc was chosen among other four finalist for the internationally-acclaimed RGT  Guitar Tutor of the Year Award . The award was presented to Marc by Neville Marten, editor of Guitar Techniques magazine.

Being chosen from hundreds of RGT guitarists wordlwide  reflects his  consistently high standard of teaching as demonstrated repeatedly by the results of his students in their RGT exams.

Tech Music School (TMS) in London is proud to be a partner of Marc Galea. As a partner, Marc will help prepare students to further their education and networking at Tech Music School. Marc is trained to hold assessments in Malta on behalf of TMS.

With 30 years’ experience in popular music education, Tech Music School prides itself on its high quality teaching which supports the development of technically accomplished and versatile graduates who are equipped for a sustainable career in an ever changing industry.

Marc’s way of teaching is based on logic thinking and the art of improvisation utilizing the right side of the brain which is largely ignored in the western culture. Every lesson is planned in a way that the student is working towards achieving a certain target within the syllabus and hand-outs are given. Every lesson is one hour long in a class of 8 students and each term consists of 12 lessons. Although students will be in a class Marc gives individual attention and twice a year students are given the opportunity to perform in a realistic venue. Past concerts have been held at Rolling Stone, Strings, Signals, BJs and MFCC. Although sitting for exams is optional, once a year an examiner from RGT comes to Malta to assess those students who wish to get qualified.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When is it the right age to start ?
    Whenever you’re inclined to. It’s never too late to start. Besides being entertaining, learning an instrument is highly therapeutic, letting you express your creativity and emotions. One of the most important things to help you learn the guitar faster is to be able to understand the concept of movable chords and scales and to achieve the right position.
  • Do I need to be able to read music ?
    No notes are written in tabs and diagrams and hand-outs will be given.
  • Will I’ll be able to play the guitar after 12 lessons ?
    This only depends on your input and aim towards the instrument. Within a couple of lessons you would be able to play the chords to your favourite song. If you want to take guitar playing professionally achieving a Grade 8 level in 4 yrs is possible.
  • Do I need to get my amp ?
    No I will provide an amplifier during the lesson. I also have a spare guitar for students who can’t get theirs.
  • Do I have to sit for examinations ?
    No you don’t have to sit for exams but if you would like to get qualifications it is possible. Once a year an RGT examiner comes to Malta to examine the students.
  • Do I have to learn classical guitar before switching to electric guitar?
    No because classical guitar requires different techniques and different positioning.

Below you can find the guitar syllabus from beginners to advanced level and the approximate duration of each course. Students have to keep in mind that the key to the success is practice. Marc can also guide you and give you a practicing schedule.

Specialized course are also available in blues, jazz and modern theory. Marc also teaches bass guitar. The bass syllabus will be available soon.

Beginner 1

minor pentatonic

Beginner 2

Lesson 22

Intermediate 1

grade 5 chords
Lesson 19 15 blues
tunning guitar

10 Week Summer Theory Course

time signatures

Intermediate 2

Lesson 41

Intermediate 3

diminished harmony
Lesson 44

Advanced 1

Lesson 56

Advanced 2

Whole tone scale

Specialized Course:
Jazz Guitar

Lesson 81